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a full-length collection of lyric-narrative poetry

by Therese L. Broderick

to be released 2018 by Page Publishing.


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29 JANUARY 2018

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17 NOVEMBER 2017



FIRST FULL-LENGTH COLLECTION by this blogger, Therese L. Broderick


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Breath Debt: Poems is suffused with gratitude for the airborne voices, songs, and gestures of loved ones, friends, passing strangers, and creatures of the natural world. From the soft inhalations of three little girls taking Sunday communion, to the quiet exhalations of backyard grass cut with only a pair of scissors; from the buoyancy of a breathtakingly-beautiful full moon hovering above Dubai, to the suppressed respiration of dancers lying flat upon a stage, the poems in Broderick’s first full-length collection flow with grace and ease—some as lyrics in the form of sonnets or triolets, and others as elliptical meditations. Although finely tuned to the everyday marvels in the life of an ordinary housewife and mother, this body of work does not shy away from family difficulties and tragedies: a war veteran’s fatal emphysema, a child’s birth defect, and the catastrophic morning of September 11, 2001. Breath Debt: Poems offers its readers refreshingly clear, vivid scenes full of personality, as well as capacious language full of real feeling. Dip into this deeply rewarding book, and return to your own original breath.



Therese L. Broderick earned her MFA in writing degree from Spalding University’s low-residency program in Louisville, Kentucky. A lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley of New York State, she has served her community of writers in numerous roles, including Board officer, contest judge, workshop facilitator, classroom guest, open mic featured reader, group discussion leader, hostess to visiting poets, and babysitter. Her poems have appeared in many journals, anthologies, and chapbooks, both paper (Poet Lore) and digital (Barzakh); and have received several awards, including an Intro Journals Project prize from the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, and the Overall Winner prize from The Poetry Project with Poetry Ireland. She is the author of four chapbooks, the most recent being Green-Weak, published online by Red Wolf Editions of Red Wolf Journal,

Therese’s growth as a writer and performer owes a special debt of gratitude to books written by Gregory Orr and Frannie Lindsay, to the guidance of editor April Ossmann, to Spalding University, and to her Thursday morning critique group. For profound inspiration, she thanks her daughter. For unwavering love and support, she thanks her husband.

When not writing, Therese enjoys traveling around the world, dancing with friends, and studying Spanish. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Capital District Humanist Society, and her blog, Poet Apace,



18 October 2017


ELEVATOR PITCH for my new book-length, professionally edited manuscript of poems in search of a publishing contract—-


The manuscript title, Breath Debt, signals to the reader most of the book’s content: subject matter, governing metaphor, and my technique for composing lyric-narrative and lyric-elliptical poems. “Breath debt” refers to my indebtedness to the airborne voices, songs, and gestures of my family, friends, poet-teachers, and strangers. “Breath debt” also means suffocation: my late father’s respiratory diseases exacerbated by four years of Army service; and my yearning for emotional and physical (a slight birth defect) resuscitation. In addition, “breath debt” evokes my breathless awe at both the exotic beauty of foreign places and languages, and the ordinary charm of my backyard lawn (the grass of which I cut with only a pair of kitchen scissors). Finally, “breath debt” articulates my ars poetica; that is, I seek to compose poems that begin with a sharp intake, that exhale audibly down the page, and that expire into metaphor. My technique is indebted, in part, to this statement by Robert Frost: “Like a piece of ice on a hot stove the poem must ride on its own melting.”



NOTE: from “The Figure a Poem Makes,” an essay by Robert Frost: “Like a piece of ice on a hot stove the poem must ride on its own melting.”



23 AUGUST 2017

I made this pin-hole camera for viewing the solar eclipse on August 21st. I covered the box with paper copies of various poems that employ “eclipse” as either subject matter or metaphor.


7 JULY 2017

In mid-June, I attended a retreat in Indiana called West of the Moon, during which I read my work at a poetry event hosted by the eatery Sara’s Harmony Way. (Photo credit: Terry Price)



1 MAY 2017

I’ve finished a full-length (book) manuscript to submit to poetry contests and publishers.


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