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18 NOVEMBER 2014

WIN_20141116_180220I will be reading my poetry this Sunday at 2pm. Free and open to all. Public library in downtown Schenectady. Come listen!



17 OCTOBER 2014

Wadi Rum, Jordan. I’m the speck climbing the sand dune, the tourist-poet. During my recent trip to Jordan, I took notes for a poem which I’m now revising and refining.


29 AUGUST 2014

Last Monday night at a poetry open mic in Woodstock, New York (USA), I gave away these free “favors” to any audience member who wanted one. Each handmade favor contains a hand-written poem of mine, one of the three I read aloud that night. I make the pages of the favors out of coffee filters. 


18 AUGUST 2014

My latest coffee-filter poem, dangling from my porch wind chime. By hand, I pen one of my own poems on the “pages” created by folding, creasing, snipping, and taping bunches of new white filters for coffee-makers. One poem, one line per “page.”



30 JUNE 2014

Here I am reading at the open mic sponsored by West of the Moon Writer’s Retreat in New Harmony, Indiana, on Wednesday, June 25th.

I bounced the Slinky (in my right hand) in tune with the rhythms of my poem.

West of the Moon Writer's Retreat (open mic event, June 25th, 2014, New Harmony, IN

West of the Moon Writer’s Retreat (open mic event, June 25th, 2014, New Harmony, IN

16 JUNE 2014

This month I turn 55 years old. I have been a poet for 14 years. Do I look sufficiently Irish-American?

photo taken by Frank S. Robinson, 2014

photo taken by Frank S. Robinson, 2014


16 JUNE 2014

SIXFOLD ACCEPTANCE ! — voters have ranked my 5-poem manuscript The Valley of Queens high enough to be published in the Summer 2014 poetry issue.  In the third round of judging, my manuscript was ranked 22 of 31 entries (#1 being “best”).  The starting-gate total, 443 entries, gradually fell to 31 via voter lapses in following the rules, and via the website’s deferred deadline.

From the Sixfold website: “Sixfold is a completely writer-voted short story and poetry journal. Every writer who uploads a manuscript votes to choose the prize-winning manuscripts and all the short stories and poetry published in each issue. Everyone’s equally weighted vote selects what’s published, instead of one judge, or one or a few editors. With a fair, transparent, rule-based voting process, all writers find the best writing together.”



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