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Month 4:4 (Perigee Moon)

O Perigee Moon, be not merely beautiful tonight.
Be cold: an ice dome to cool down Fukushima.
Be harsh: a searchlight to find the missing grandfathers.
Be empty: a broad urn to carry innumerable cremains.

by Therese L. Broderick

NOTE: A Perigee Moon appears tonight. Most probably, countless Japanese haiku have been inspired by the beauty of the full moon when largest, when closest to Earth. My metaphor above is not a haiku, but it does pay tribute to the tragedy in Japan. Tonight’s moonshine will be one kind of radiation above a very different kind of radiation.


Month 3:20


is a first cause, Word

igneous, voxel lightning rod,

the quiver / shot from Cupid’s bow,

that rarest rare infant syndrome —

twitch switch itch tic —

the final Hope of 100 billion galaxies

(same as their first cause),

eternal on-off, off-on, on-off…

in the End is the Approximate

by Therese L. Broderick

(The title is a quote from Carl Zimmer’s article “100 Trillion Connections” in Scientific American, January 2011.)


Month 3:19 (Lunar Eclipse)


Assange must have something to do with

tonight’s eclipse: a gossipmonger moon …

a world-wide cover-up … and lastly

a slow disclosure, that leaking of light.


by Therese L. Broderick



Month 3:5

A shooting star falls

between Merak and Phecda —

a single drip from the Big Dipper

into the longest Finger Lake.



by Therese L. Broderick

Month 3:2

New photos from space show a peanut-

shaped comet.  All around it,

the unseen hungry elephant.


by Therese L. Broderick



Month 2:28

Update from the Fermi telescope: an hourglass

bubble discovered — gigantic, pouring gamma rays.

Cursor of Time on the screen of the universe.

by Therese L. Broderick

Month 2:10

The observatory telescope adjusts its aim

slow millimeter by millimeter, as if it were

a concert piano being rolled on stage, readied

for spotlights, fingers, Nocturnes.

by Therese L. Broderick

NOTE: Last night I got to see Jupiter and its moons through a large telescope. Last night I also got to hear a pianist perform on stage.

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