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Therese L. Broderick

Tee Zeehan

photo taken by Frank S. Robinson, 2014


I am a community poet with an MFA in writing degree from Spalding University. At age 59, I am retired from full-time employment.  I reside in Albany, New York State, USA, with my husband. Since 2000, I have been active in my local writing community as an open mic reader, teacher, contest judge, critique group member, classroom guest, blogger, Board member, volunteer for Hudson Valley Writers Guild, Poet Laureate of a local tavern, and administrator for a local poetry group. My poems have appeared in assorted journals, webzines, anthologies, chapbooks, and a broadside; have been broadcast on radio and websites; and have been hung on the walls of two art galleries. My poems have won prizes both locally and beyond. I have published four chapbooks, the most recent being Green-Weak,  published online by Red Wolf Editions of Red Wolf Journal,

For more details, see my blog page entitled, My Poetry Credits.

I am also on Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, and

When not writing, I enjoy practicing tai chi and learning Spanish.

You may email me at : brdrck AT gmail DOT com


On January 10,2013, I  changed the focus of this blog: to chronicle my work-a-day life as a poet. This site is in constant flux: poems and other content pages are revised, removed temporarily, re-posted, revised again, etc.  Earlier generations of this blog were entitled “Metaphors for the Moon,” ”Stowaways,” “Fifty-Two,” “Small Returns,” “Ekphrasis,” and “Gwendolyn.”

I welcome your feedback, whether favorable or unfavorable; however, I may remove remarks that I deem to be irrelevant, racist, sexist, homophobic, ad hominem, and the like.





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  2. Nothing at all yet about Watervliet in detail. I too had a dog named Teddy. Very interesting that you hated math and your dad loved it. Riveting.


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