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29 OCTOBER 2016


Dar A Luz

~to give birth, to give light


November summons us to furnish a shrine

In memory of neighbors who once lit our city’s

Stoops, porches, and doorways

Hanging oil lamps or lanterns, garlands or candles.

Dar a luz.


For the owners, tenants, landlords, and renters

Who mopped their thresholds clean,

Who daily swept their windblown steps

And rinsed off yellow welcome mats,

I set down this photo—

My great-grandfather’s own shining home.

Dar a luz.


Beside it, place a vase arrayed with the stems

And blue blossoms of late-autumn asters;

Then drape it with a necklace, links glistening

With polished crosses, stars, crescents, ovals.

Dar a luz.


Now in honor of valiant mothers,

Who among us can spare a glossy cookbook

Or a scrawled recipe for lemon pudding?

On behalf of brave children

Some spinning tops, shimmering marbles?

Dar a luz.


Lastly, for the sake of peace: someone provide

A few stark silhouettes—newspaper clippings

Of young men headed to Albany Armory,

From their sidewalks waving farewell

To best friends, cousins, brothers, baby sisters.

Dar a luz.


Tonight, windows aglow with brand new batteries

Illuminate our view of Pearl Street,

The beaming port, the valley’s glimmering river.

They magnify our gifts, swelling dim to bright

In time with the waxing, orbiting moon.

Dar a luz.


Let us behold—let us stand with—let us stand for

And occupy every fresh reflection, reluciente, reborn.




poem composed by this blogger, Therese L. Broderick

for public readings in Albany and Schenectady, NY

October and November 2016

for Breathing These Words, sub-project of Breathing Lights


(date and photographer unknown)



About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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