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10 OCTOBER 2016

Today’s revision of a poem (due November 4th) that I’ve been composing for Breathing These Words, a sub-project of Breathing Lights.


Dar Luz

~to give birth (literally, to give light)


Lingering at its quiet door—this threshold

Foreclosed, entry to a vacant house

Awaiting rebirth as a home with a view

Of Pearl Street and the twinkling river.

Casa con vistas.

We stand here with due respect

For generation after generation

Who once illumed this passageway

With hand-held candles, lanterns, lamps, garlands

Of flickering bulbs.

Guirnaldas de luces de Navidad.

Let us model a small shrine at our feet

Honoring owners, tenants, hired help

Who once cleansed this space with broom and mop,

Who swept away autumn’s samaras

And in winter brushed off the glittering snow.

Nieve centelleante.

Upon this threshold set down gold & silver

Picture frames harboring silhouettes

Of this avenue’s inhabitants; and crystal vases

Filled with the blossoming stems

Of curbside roses; and necklaces draping

Crosses or stars, crescents or ovals.

Medialunas, estrellas, cruces, óvalos.

Which one of us might kindly spare

A long smooth yellow ribbon, satin,

For every resident warrior dead

Or missing in action? Who can bring

For the kitchen’s lost brides and widows

An old cookbook, scrawled recipes for lemon pudding?

Who can bequeath to tomorrow’s children

Some balls & jacks, shimmering marbles?

Canicas relucientes.

Soon, to magnify our visit, these windows

Will be lit with temporary tenants—

Light tubes on a timer, batteries pulsing

Bright to dim, dim to bright.

Above their glow will swell our November moon

Waxing Gibbous, moon pregnant

With more moons, radiant reflection

Of distant undying flames.

Otra luna, otro sol, otras llamas.



About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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