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5 JANUARY 2014

Today I updated my index of titles, titles of poems and/or chapbooks which I wrote between late 2012 and early 2014. Because I attend a local poetry group which meets every week, I’m on a schedule to write 52 poems per year. The update below includes about 90 titles. Since 2000, I’ve written more than 400 poems.

After Her MRI
Against Grain
Ambience Engine
Ambient (a series)

Because I Miss My Cat
Before Long, She’s a He
Beijing Wall of Drawings
Born During Half Time
Bottle of Mucilage

Called to the Colors
Celo, Celos
Cemetery Sloping to the River
Charlotte Russe
Conjugal Visit
!Cuidado! !Mojado!

DaiCiEn Temple
Danker Street
DIY Painted Lady
Due Pedali
Dyeing Vats

Envidiar, Enviudar

Final Day’s Schedule
Found Poem
Fourteen Lines from Fourteen Diaries
Fourth of July
From the War Files

Grace with Grandpa Broderick
Graduation Day
Great Green People
Green Weak
The Groundskeepers

Heavy Artillery
Helmet of Stories
High Altitudes
How to Winter Over the Begonias

Illegal in Massachusetts
In the Doctor’s Waiting Room

”Late in Life I Have Come on Ferns”
Learn Spanish in Your Car
License Plates
Lupa Zoo

Meningitis Outbreak
My Father, Called to the Colors

No Problem, Kiddo

October Surgery
The Original Owner of Skull Five
Orphaned Adonics
O.T. and P.T.
Our Recoveries
Overseas Charities

Pia Mater
Pig Mimicry
Pinning the Dress
Plane Drone
Plot 41
“Poetry is Little Scraps of Wisdom”
Posing for Shots

Quiz Ubiquitous

Roadside Shine

Scarlet Fever
Second Opinion
Sertraline Hydrochloride
Squatting Inside a Tree
Steps for Gently Removing a Sock
Suite of Dreams

Tender Mother
Thursday Begins Her Weekend
Today I Heard Baby Birds
Too Fast a Dye
Training the Spider
Twenty-First Night, Sixth Month

Visiting My Father’s Grave

War Paint on Wheels
waxy baby peacock feedback
We, the Reapportioned
Within the Mariposario




About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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