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Month: January 2014

7 JANUARY 2014

I’m pleased to recommend these two valuable learning opportunities to poets. I have great respect for Martha Rhodes as a teacher, poet, and more. A) ONE-ON-ONE sessions with Martha Rhodes LOCATION: Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, 4th floor walk up, cats DESCRIPTION: *flexible sessions of 60 – 90 minutes to suit your needs — critical feedback from Martha; optional writing from prompts and/or revising *bring 2 copies of 4-8 pages (to be discussed, depends on length of session) of your own poetry (new work, or revisions); optional email poems to Martha in advance *you… Read more 7 JANUARY 2014

5 JANUARY 2014

Today I updated my index of titles, titles of poems and/or chapbooks which I wrote between late 2012 and early 2014. Because I attend a local poetry group which meets every week, I’m on a schedule to write 52 poems per year. The update below includes about 90 titles. Since 2000, I’ve written more than 400 poems. After Her MRI Against Grain Ambience Engine Ambient (a series) Because I Miss My Cat Before Long, She’s a He Beijing Wall of Drawings Born During Half Time Bottle of Mucilage Called to… Read more 5 JANUARY 2014

1 JANUARY 2014

In his highly commendable book, The Craft of Revision, author Donald M. Murray reports that, “As a full-time writer, I try to write — and that’s writing, not staring out the window, planning, editing — two hours a day.” (page 47-48) My New Year’s resolution is to write poetry for two hours per day. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!