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Monthly Archives: June 2013

29 JUNE 2013

This morning I wrote six versions of a new poem inspired by my most recent turnpike commute. Here is the sixth version.


A few feet from the blue Madonna

it nuzzles, tugs

branches, furthest it can reach,

clearing a view

of the cross, arresting attention

of drivers.

Tomorrow they pass baskets

in pews, June hangs

a leaf lower, chicory heads

quiver from weights

of raindrops.  The Virgin Mary

weeps, say some,

over perishing hind, hart,

pregnant doe,

the fawn slayer’s lapse.


21 JUNE 2013

picture192I bought this sign at a flea market in Bogotá during my recent trip to Colombia , South America .

(photo by Therese L. Broderick , June 2013 )


1 JUNE 2013


for Ben, Class of 2013, Bennington College, Vermont

You jumped from the third row,
clicked your heels
sideways — circus pro —
then sallied to the white-draped table
piled high with diplomas.

How like that first kick
from your small foot in the womb,
how like your first pluck
of the E string on upright bass.

Leaping with glee! everyone’s favorite
dance in mistletoe ballets.

Nephew, may you go springing
with ease, for decades. May you land
surely. May you love freely
as a hundred Vermonts

launching a thousand greens.

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