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Monthly Archives: May 2013

26 MAY 2013

picture171 I bought these at Poets House during its buck-per-book sale. That day, New York City was wildly windy!

(photo by Therese L. Broderick)


21 MAY 2013

picture162I made this small book out of an old billfold, sewing pages of my poetry into the spine with the bookbinding stitch called ”ledger.” Folded inside the plastic pocket of the billfold are pages of my rough drafts.

13 MAY 2013

Me on my front porch. After mowing the lawn, I read and wrote poetry.


12 MAY 2013

picture145Poetry books and chapbooks which I have been reading this month. Three in English, one in Spanish.


5 MAY 2013

Two of my poems are published online in the current issue of Barzakh.

5 MAY 2013

picture134My poetry trip to New York City was delightful. Yesterday I attended a chapbook festival at CUNY, and a revision class at Poets House.


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