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Welcome, listener! Here is a 50-second recording of my own poem in my own voice. 


To see the text of this poem, and to learn more about its composition, read the first comment to this  “Convoy” blog post.

About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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    a pair of immaculate titan
    white wings destined
    for wind
    turbines rising fifty
    miles away
    ……………..each prone, long
    as its flat bed
    truck peeling down the mountain
    …………………………………………….no taut
    nets nor tarps to veil
    porpoise-slick rims parting
    the currents of
    sleek turnpikes
    ………………… if bound
    for marble,
    the ankle of a goddess
    carved by Bartholdi

    POET’S STATEMENT — I composed this poem after watching huge wind turbine wings being transported on trucks along Interstate 90 — the first time I’ve ever seen such a convoy. Three wings were being moved, but in this poem I focus on only two for the sake of the “ankle” imagery. What fact did I leave out of this poem? The fact that the convoy was being chaperoned by police cars and other vehicles. The “goddess / carved by Bartholdi” evokes The Statue of Liberty — maybe as tall as a wind turbine — whether or not that statue is made of marble, or has wings on her ankles.


  2. Such grace and grandeur! First the link to the flawless recording and then the fitting comparison to the statue of liberty! I even warm to the cool gray background color of the site. And feel completely at home on I90 and its various visions! Thank you.


  3. Beautiful, Therese! Perfectly captures the experience of the artifact and its mode of transportation. Such grace!


  4. rationaloptimist

    Very nice poem.


  5. a voice can do as much as the moon
    curtains wave before the moon

    your voice passes by

    Thanks, Alan Casline 10/30/2012


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