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“Firefly’s Last Gasp”

Welcome, listener! Here is a 50-second recording of my own poem in my own voice. 


To read the text and to learn more about the poem, see the first comment posted on this blog page.

About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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  1. — POET’S STATEMENT by TEE ZEEHAN — I wrote this fanciful poem in response to a prompt from BM’s spring/summer 2012 workshop outside of Albany, NY, USA. When drafting this poem, I noticed that the word “elf” could be derived from the letters in the word “firefly.” The poem spun from that fact, and from an article on Wikipedia about elves. Here is my poem’s text —


    See me as I am
    part e-l-f
    sister of sisters

    dwarf wings
    tinfoil flash
    my cave the looming night

    I pinch into sight
    the stars
    squeeze to fertility
    the moons

    but shrink
    with the sturm
    homunculus . . .


  2. Hi Therese
    Had to look up homunculus and sturm…
    Such quaint words,,,


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