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Month 5:23 “True Blue”

TRUE BLUE   [revision #11]

I’d always thought the stretch of highway
between Otis and Blandford bordered
vast virgin forests, crowded trees

turning green to orange from Mother’s Day
through Thanksgiving. But on my most recent solo
trip east, my new GPS screen revealed a body

of water just south of the pines, a large lake
looking like a jigsaw piece all in blue — the true blue
of GULF gas stations and of troopers’ signs

“unmarked vehicles on patrol.”  I felt lost, then,
discovering how far-spread a watershed
had kept in hiding all those years.

And when the nuvi navigator told me to bear
right, take exit 9, I heard again from back seats
as if rising, misty, from unmapped marshes

Are we there yet?
I have to go.
Why can’t we stop at McDonald’s?

.by Therese L. Broderick


About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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