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Month: September 2011

Month 5:23 “True Blue”

TRUE BLUE   [revision #11] I’d always thought the stretch of highway between Otis and Blandford bordered vast virgin forests, crowded trees turning green to orange from Mother’s Day through Thanksgiving. But on my most recent solo trip east, my new GPS screen revealed a body of water just south of the pines, a large lake looking like a jigsaw piece all in blue — the true blue of GULF gas stations and of troopers’ signs “unmarked vehicles on patrol.”  I felt lost, then, discovering how far-spread a watershed had kept in… Read more Month 5:23 “True Blue”

Month 5:21 “Lune of the Tsatsawassa Creek”

LUNE of the TSATSAWASSA CREEK  [revision #4] tWaw.  tWaw. tWaw. tst.  tst.  tst.  tst.  tst. swa  SWA  swa, swa  SWA  swa. tst.  tst.  tst.  tst.  tst. watta  watta  watta? watta  watta  watta? (www  www  www www www www  www   swat www  www  www) tst.  tst.  tst.  tst.  tst. AAA…  aaa…   … by Therese L. Broderick .

Month 5:20 “On the Wall of Children’s Drawings”

ON THE WALL OF CHILDREN’S DRAWINGS  [revision #7] ~Beijing, 2011 One outlined umbrella spreads over several rooted mushrooms plump, chins up. I imagine snails napping under the mushrooms, and yellow earth even softer cupping those bellies. Peace: the theme of all these drawings — thousands of hand-sized pictures, a thousand names in sheltered script. Today it rains, off and on and off. Kids from far-flung regions and nations skip by in waterproof slickers, splashing through puddles.  “Young” I can’t say to them in Mandarin nor Cantonese. I can’t squeal “fun.” by… Read more Month 5:20 “On the Wall of Children’s Drawings”