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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Month 5:23 “True Blue”

TRUE BLUE   [revision #11]

I’d always thought the stretch of highway
between Otis and Blandford bordered
vast virgin forests, crowded trees

turning green to orange from Mother’s Day
through Thanksgiving. But on my most recent solo
trip east, my new GPS screen revealed a body

of water just south of the pines, a large lake
looking like a jigsaw piece all in blue — the true blue
of GULF gas stations and of troopers’ signs

“unmarked vehicles on patrol.”  I felt lost, then,
discovering how far-spread a watershed
had kept in hiding all those years.

And when the nuvi navigator told me to bear
right, take exit 9, I heard again from back seats
as if rising, misty, from unmapped marshes

Are we there yet?
I have to go.
Why can’t we stop at McDonald’s?

.by Therese L. Broderick


Month 5:22 “Arboretum” on YouTube


My set at the “Pine Hollow Arboretum” poetry reading on August 12, 2011, was filmed and posted to YouTube. You can view my reading at the link below. (If the link doesn’t work, type “Therese Broderick” into the search box on YouTube.)

For more information about the Arboretum, click HERE.

Month 5:21 “Lune of the Tsatsawassa Creek”

LUNE of the TSATSAWASSA CREEK  [revision #4]

tWaw.  tWaw. tWaw.
tst.  tst.  tst.  tst.  tst.
swa  SWA  swa,

swa  SWA  swa.
tst.  tst.  tst.  tst.  tst.
watta  watta  watta?

watta  watta  watta?
(www  www  www www www
www  www   swat

www  www  www)
tst.  tst.  tst.  tst.  tst.
AAA…  aaa…   …

by Therese L. Broderick


11 September 2011



Month 5:20 “On the Wall of Children’s Drawings”

~Beijing, 2011

One outlined umbrella spreads
over several rooted mushrooms
plump, chins up. I imagine snails
napping under the mushrooms,
and yellow earth even softer
cupping those bellies. Peace:
the theme of all these drawings —
thousands of hand-sized pictures,
a thousand names in sheltered script.
Today it rains, off and on and off.
Kids from far-flung regions and nations
skip by in waterproof slickers,
splashing through puddles.  “Young”
I can’t say to them in Mandarin
nor Cantonese. I can’t squeal “fun.”

by Therese L. Broderick

NOTE: I intend for this poem to be, primarily, a system of sound: the sound of my speaking voice when its first loyalty is to the sounds of words. This poem is based upon my recent trip to China. The wall of children’s pictures is located in the zoo in Beijing. The delightful picture mentioned in this poem really exists: an umbrella above some mushrooms. This poem was started in a workshop led by BM and sponsored by the local Rootdrinker Institute.

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