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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Month 5:19 “First Poem in Spanish”


Hola, mi ola.
Que pasa? Es verdad —
no hay muchachas?

(Hay playas, hay pelotas.)

Puedo empujar diez pelotas.
Puedo visitar
diez playas. Si, si…

Es verdad —
no hay muchachas?

Mi muchacha!

Mi Isabel
fue a llevar
las olas alli.

Alli, no hay madres.

by Therese L. Broderick

NOTE:  I am starting to study Spanish.  With the few Spanish words that I now know, I attempt this poem.


Month 5:18 “Visit to Da Ci’en Temple”

VISIT TO DA CI’EN TEMPLE  [revision #32]

Someone has rested a bamboo broom
within the split trunk
of an old tree.

Long whisks tied flat
with red string  — like sticks
of incense ready to be lit.

I rest too, sitting on a bench
in the monks’ courtyard, fanning
my brow.

will this broom sweep away sun-warmed
twigs and petals? or brush cool
puddles of rain
down to the garden?

I wish for a breeze.
I wish for songbirds
flocking to brooms.

by Therese L. Broderick

NOTE: I intend for this poem to be, primarily, a designed system of sound: the sound of my speaking voice when its first priority is to the sounds of words. This poem is a combination of fact and fiction. FACTS: Recently I visited the temple near the Great Goose Pagoda in Xi’an, China; I was using a hand-fan; I saw a bamboo broom placed inside a split tree trunk; the broom was tied flat with red string; I saw incense sticks burning near the temple; earlier that week I had seen zoo employees sweep away rain puddles with bamboo brooms. FICTIONS: Wishing for birds to flock to brooms is a contrived wish which I didn’t add to this poem until after writing about 20 revisions; I was standing instead of sitting on one of the benches.

If you want to learn more about how I designed the sounds in this poem, read the first comment below.

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