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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Month 5:16 “Twenty-First Night”


              Tawny cat is staring
out my window, is glaring at
fireflies, myriad pulses
like volleys

of myriad memories.

Summer arrives
recalling previous Junes, milkweed,
milder generations
of geraniums,

the first chickadees
sill-stalked by a kitten.

He still twitches when he sleeps.

Tonight my nosetip tinders
from insect flares
as if I, too, were whiskered.
Blood quickens
inner ears: body

magno-electric.      Cat

will eventually scratch
for his dish, I’ll switch on
the kitchen light, green bulb
renewable, spiraled.

Each blink mutates the dreaming.

by Therese L. Broderick

NOTE: This version of the poem benefits from the feedback of local poets. This poem was influenced by other summer poems and by science essays which I read. This poem’s title and the phrase “body magno-electric” were inspired by Walt Whitman’s poetry.

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