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Month 5:9 “Moon of the Light Rain”

“Moon of the Light Rain”
16 May 2011

Morning rain
so light we know no name
lighter than its own sky play
against a boy’s yellow kite tail,
against a Schwinn’s handlebar stream-
ers. No aptonym’s precipita-
tion briefer than its eighth
of a split-second take
on Schuyler’s face.


What is a SELENE? A poetic form invented by Therese L. Broderick (this blogger) which waxes and wanes — like Selene, the Moon —  in line lengths and in terminal vowel pitches. For a more detailed explanation, see this blog’s entry for “Month 5:7.” 

About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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  1. Therese,
    What a lovely selene. Sky–Schuyler, the aptonym. Streamers, kite tails, light rain on the face. Movement, lightness–the heart of the selene.


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