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Month 5:7 “Moon of the Homemade Paper”

“Moon of the  Homemade Paper”
1 May 2011 

of shorn
nuptials, plushed.
Quill, graph, roller mate.
Arbor-tration to consistency,
to the slurry’s pale.
Take thee gum
by June.

What is a SELENE?

1) a poetry form invented by Therese L. Broderick (this blogger) which re-combines features of envelope verse, of vowel rhyme, and of the pendeka

2) a poetry form which suggests the waxing & waning of our Moon

3) a poetry form whose final (per line) vowel sounds wax & wane 

4) a poetry form whose lines (per stanza) wax & wane

5) a word which is a Greek goddess name for “Moon”; a word related to “Luna”; a word related to “selenite”, “selenodesy” , “selenography” , and “selenology”

Additional Notes to #1-5 above:

1) It’s almost impossible for a poet to be entirely original; therefore, I doubt that I have  invented an entirely new poetic form. If you are aware of any other moon-inspired poetry forms, please leave a comment on this blog.

2) Here in the Northern Hemisphere, I see the moon wax from right to left, then wane from right to left; therefore, I compose these Selene poems flush-right on the page.

3) In a Selene, vowel sounds wax & wane in any of these physical ways: in pitch; in loudness; in duration; in rounding of lips; in height of tongue; in area of mouth where the sound is made, etc.

4) In a Selene, lines wax & wane in any of these physical ways: in length of printed text; in syllable count; in number of beats; in duration of breath, etc.

5) The vowel sound of “Lune” or “moon” is the lowest pitch in a pendeka; the vowel sound of “lene” in “Selene” is the highest pitch in a pendeka. A pendeka is a poem or memory aid which takes the voice up and down a scale of fifteen English vowels.

About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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  1. Oooh—I love your invention!! How cool!


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