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Month: September 2010

Month 2:7

Gossip: a tornado which can’t be seen until it churns up enough grit, dirt, muck, and backyard plastic flowers.   by Therese L. Broderick   NOTE: Some tornadoes remain invisible until they gather debris.

Month 2:6

I drive at midnight through the wilderness refuge known as Montezuma. Trapped in the dark, I can feel my seatbelt tighten, that snake across my lap.   by Therese L. Broderick

Month 2:4

Mother and boy kneel on a warm parcel of sidewalk, blowing bubbles through plastic wands, watching buddha after buddha float, then pop. by Therese L. Broderick

Month 2:2

Avarice is a beak which has grown just as long as the rest of the bird.   by Therese L. Broderick   NOTE: One kind of hummingbird has a beak as long as its body. The beak evolved to reach inside deep flowers.

Month 2:1

Last night a late cup of hot chocolate kept me awake, so I sat staring at the full moon, both of us as wide-eyed as marshmallows.   by Therese L. Broderick NOTE: The full moon doesn’t show until September 23, but it was full enough last night.