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Month: July 2010

“Target: Peacock”

THE BLOG ENTRY BEGINS NOW. I was inspired to write this piece¬†after reading Bright Wings: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems About Birds, edited by Billy Collins and illustrated by David Allen Sibley. This poem captures a scene I witnessed in July while visiting Victoria, Canada. This version of the poem benefits from the feedback of local first readers JG and JH. THE POEM’S TITLE BEGINS NOW. TARGET: PEACOCK THE POEM’S TEXT BEGINS NOW. On a stretch of grass in Victoria’s public park not far from the statue of Queen Elizabeth… Read more “Target: Peacock”


This sonnet-like poem is dedicated to my daughter, with whom I went to Paris in spring 2009. My first trip to Paris was on honeymoon; my second trip was with my MFA program. THE POEM STARTS NOW EUPHORIA That first time in Paris, I was deep in love with my new husband. On a second stay, I adored the poets who taught me Beaudelaire. Now here for another visit, one spring week, I come to arrange some daily trysts between this dashing city and ma fille jolie charming and clever,… Read more “Euphoria”


I wrote this poem after reading Donald Revell’s The Art of Attention: A Poet’s Eye, a book which inspired me to try to write effortlessly, paying close attention to nature and to my own awareness. (Alas, I couldn’t help but revise this poem with much effort.) This poem is autobiographical, based on my regrettable procrastination in transplanting a young tree. VANDAL I let a maple sapling grow past June underneath the porch’s flag pole. By August its roots will snarl our basement pipes and plumbing. Squeezed between concrete and the… Read more “Vandal”

“That Tuesday”

.. This poem is a re-working of a villanelle I wrote years ago about the September 11, 2001 attacks. The form and sound of these syllabic, 14-line stanzas were influenced by Seamus Heaney’s poem “Casualty.” This version benefits from the feedback of my two local first readers JG and JH. I fact-checked the details by reading Wikipedia, by consulting with my husband, and by emailing an early draft to the teacher Mrs. White; however, the “doing sums” is a plausible fiction. This poem is one of many in a book… Read more “That Tuesday”