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“Cat Sedated at 10 AM”


This poem is about my cat. I took him to the animal hospital this morning.



In the back room

a young woman scrapes

his few remaining teeth,

perhaps with a clamp

removing a molar

gone bad. Can he hear

the leashed Corgi barking

in the spotless lobby

when the phone rings?

Puppies are plucky, all

tongue and bounding

jaw. But he is thirteen, lucky

with his sleights-of-silence.

He will wake by 4, fix me

with incisor eyes, yawn.



by Therese L. Broderick




About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

3 responses »

  1. Delightful! That is exactly what a cat would do. Yaaawwwwn.


  2. Hope he’s wide-eyed by now, Therese. I liked your phrase “sleights-of-silence” !


  3. I am happy that the cat lives another day !


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