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#26 NaPoWriMo


APRIL 26 — This is my poem #26 for National Poetry Writing Month. Actually, it is only a very poor excuse for a poem. Blame it on my head cold.


The Ten Cars
Which Just Sped Past Me:
a Zoology of Tail-Lights
Koala Bear
Sea Lion
by Therese L. Broderick

About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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  1. no such thing as a poor excuse….everything is an excuse in poetry..good and bad…..lots of things happening already with your words….Im sure it will be great when finished….go for it Therese….hope you get better….I overdose on vit.C..garlic and a few other things….anyways hope you feel better SOON


  2. I’m afraid you’ve got me stumped with this one, Therese! If they were the names of car models it would make great sense?


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