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#12-15 NaPoWriMo

APRIL 15 — Here is my poem #15 for National Poetry Writing Month, this time not composed in response to a prompt on ReadWritePoem.
April 15, 2010
On this 98th anniversary of the sinking
of the Titanic, I think of those Polish leaders doomed
by heavy fog, of exploding and collapsing mines,
of floods and fires and spilling oil tankers,
meteor showers that some may call a portent,
earthquakes and after shocks and after shocks.
I think of the volcano spewing ash above icy waters,
diverting ships and jets. I think about the airplane
carrying a boy betrayed by his adoptive mother.
And of all survivors, how we are buried alive.

APRIL 14 — Here is my poem #14 for National Poetry Writing Month, composed in response to a prompt on ReadWritePoemwrite a cleave poem.
……………what if…….there were 100 billion galaxies
…………....if only…….each galaxy had 100 billion stars
..maybe someday…….we see a new planet
………the hope is…….water flows on the surface
……….it could be…….something squirms in the eddies
.we have a dream…….we are there to watch it
……….yes we can…….hold it, feed it, grow it
………..have faith…….we will name it
APRIL 13 — Here is my rough draft (too drafty to be a poem) #13 for National Poetry Writing Month, composed in response to a prompt on ReadWritePoem: start your poem with one line written by Norman Dubie. I modify the prompt and play off this line: “In triplicate, he’s sent an application, listing grievances, to the stars.”  This rough draft uses a triplicate rhyme scheme from stanza to stanza.
In triplicate
he applies
to Mr. Star.
He supplicates,
about how hard
he works and makes
the wise
choice, is far-
sighted, never late,
a top prize
for any part
he must take.
He tries
to win the man’s heart.
In triplicate,
Mr. Star replies,
you’re not up to par.
APRIL 12 — Here is my poem #12 for National Poetry Writing Month, composed in response to a prompt on ReadWritePoem: write about a code or signal.
the grey stone bunny in the garden’s bushes
looks just as real as the brown rabbit a few feet away
until the ice cream truck comes
cruising down this childless street, playing its odd ditty
which spooks away the one thing alive here
leaving only grown-ups with their let’s-pretend
by Therese L. Broderick

About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

10 responses »

  1. Remember the ding-a-ling man? What a silly name and oh how our bare feet burned in the tar!

  2. This seems sharp and sad, Therese. I suppose we do try to create worlds we can control and which make us feel comfortable.

  3. nice anthem therese…..thanks for sharing again

  4. I like this. What if we could see the start. Beautiful.

  5. I like all three of these. April 13th’s is a unique take off the prompt and I like the rhyme scheme. And today’s (the cleave) was well crafted and gorgeous. I love the last line in both halves of the poem especially.


  6. ‘In Triplicate’ is a clever cheat, Therese! I’m sure that ‘Star gazer’ will happen, someday.

  7. Superb Therese!

  8. The cleave poem is amazing, read different as two poems and the third one is sheer magic. Loved this.

  9. “and after shocks and sfter shocks” brilliant touch. And “survivors / buried alive” so poignant, so true. Thanks, Therese. G =)

  10. Stargazer is wonderful. I love the shape of it and it reads well all three ways.

    April 15 is devastating. The last line especially.

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