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#9 NaPoWriMo


APRIL 9 — Here is my poem #9 for National Poetry Writing Month, composed in response to a multi-step prompt on ReadWritePoem. This poem incorporates something that tastes terrible (bitter rhubarb); words from a supplied word bank; an earlier failed poem about rhubarb; and some sounds I like to hear: “I won”. (I don’t have a rhubarb patch in my own yard, but once I did win a prize for my original rhubarb pie recipe.)


Backyard octopus, winter poison
stowed in its leaves, but ah, how divine
the stalks are when stripped of their red
marionette strings, bruised soft in a hot pan
with cups of sugar, then startled
by sliced strawberries, poured limp
into a pie shell fringed by fingertips.
All done for the torch test, the blue ribbon
at the county fair. First Prize: I won!
by Therese L. Broderick

About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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  1. Touche’ Therese! Excellent use of these words!

  2. have won the wordle prize! Fabulous.Great imagery good story and brief.

  3. i’ve never known rhubarb to taste so sweet!!!… curtain call

  4. Very clever! Love octopus applied to rhubarb! My contemporary sonnet is addressed to a large rural cypress (Macrocarpa), the rhyme scheme is Petrarchan, and all the prompt requirements included. Read ‘Little Song…’ at =)

  5. Delicious.

  6. nice one Therese

  7. Hi Therese,

    This is great! A very different take on the words. Would never think of rhubarb as an octopus but it fits perfectly. I can smell the pie from here!

  8. Wonderful poem about one of my favorite things. I especially like the image of marionette strings.

  9. I love the creative way you used the words especially “marionette”! The rhubarb just glows in this poem!

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