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TWO  POEMS  published  in  CATS  WITH  THUMBS


The first issue (February 2010) of the new literary blogzine Cats with Thumbs includes two of my poems: “The Best Have No Time For It” and “Everything I Know about Football I Can Say with Haiku.” Thanks to editor mark Stratton for accepting my work. Please visit his blogzine and read all the selections.


The poem “The Best Have No Time For It” is based on my memory of the first time that someone (a doctor) ever told me the full truth about my father’s terminal illness. The poem examines the condition of sadness: how much sadness is appropriate in different hopeless situations? How much sadness needs to be countered by the hope of good works? This version of the poem benefits from the feedback of my local first readers JG and JH.


The other poem is a playful haiku-like piece. It resulted from my watching football on TV without knowing many of the rules of the game.



About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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  1. Therese I just read your two poems in “Cats with thumbs” and I love them. Congrats! How have you been and how is the poetry project for your daughter coming along?



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