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Month: February 2010


This poem is posted in response to prompt #115 on ReadWritePoem: What do you believe? This poem fits that theme, although it was written in the couple days before the Thursday prompt. This version of the poem benefits from the feedback of first readers RL, JG, and JH. Since 1973 at the age of 14, I have been an atheist. I think that this natural life is my only existence. I don’t believe in any supernatural realm (afterlife, reincarnation, etc.).  I believe that the primary purpose of my human life is to struggle with my best and worst impulses (mature love vs.… Read more “Emporium”

Cats with Thumbs

. TWO  POEMS  published  in  CATS  WITH  THUMBS . The first issue (February 2010) of the new literary blogzine Cats with Thumbs includes two of my poems: “The Best Have No Time For It” and “Everything I Know about Football I Can Say with Haiku.” Thanks to editor mark Stratton for accepting my work. Please visit his blogzine and read all the selections. . The poem “The Best Have No Time For It” is based on my memory of the first time that someone (a doctor) ever told me the full truth about my father’s… Read more Cats with Thumbs


. TO  MY  WONDERFUL  BLOG  READERS — Starting in February 2010, the weekly poems which I post on this blog will be available only by password, and all the poems will be written especially for one new project, a personal labor of love.  If you would like to have the password in order to read any of these thematically-unified poems, please leave a comment on this blog page or contact me by email, Here’s my forthcoming project — In January 2011, my daughter (our only child) will turn 18 years old and will be making plans to leave home for college.… Read more Forthcoming