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Month: June 2009

The Late Ferry

. Two levels below me, the passengers stay put in their queue of cars and trucks, a few playing with laptops or iPods, one lady petting her hot yet placid German Shepherd. They’ve done this before — gone back & forth across the waters, avoiding the winds. On deck above, I lean against the starboard hull into the spray, unable to take my eyes off a heavy female osprey on top of some ocean rigging, just returned to her nest. As though for the first time I ask myself in… Read more The Late Ferry


. As schoolmates we shared the same count of years, a ninth-grade teacher, the cracked sidewalks of our streets. The only wrestler I had ever known, red-headed as any legend’s Scottish hero, winning strong before he lost his spine to cancer. The first I’d learned of such sorry play, that coward’s stunt — Death come from behind, pinning youth to the ground. . . . . by Therese L. Broderick . . . (An artist’s statement about this poem appears as the first comment.)

Walla Walla Walla Walla

  “Several people saying, walla, walla, walla, walla sounds like a large group talking” Discover magazine, June 2009 . Thus spake the several : declaiming as a group.           Thus spake the group : declaiming as a crowd. Thus spake the crowd : declaiming as one battalion.           Thus spake the battalion : declaiming as an army. Thus spake the army : declaiming as one crusade.           Thus spake the crusade : declaiming as a cherubim. Thus spake the cherubim : declaiming as a yahweh.… Read more Walla Walla Walla Walla

At the Site of Thoreau’s Cabin

. Close to its chimney remains, a rock pile is still being built, word-by-word, by Thoreau’s foragers — stones painted with lofty quotations by Emerson, with lifespans of the long-ago gone, with squirreling graffiti on the red hearts of young lovers. In my hand, not one chosen lodestone to add to this heap. In my pocket, no black-capped marker. I entered this forest, circled Walden Pond without knowing what the script on striped chipmunks crossing my path could have told me : here is a clearing requiring lines more essential… Read more At the Site of Thoreau’s Cabin