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a better look

at the storm blowing in

was all I sought

a moment ago

from an upstairs window


but now I see

his shadowed shirt, stranger

sitting in a Jeep parked

in our driveway. 


For hours

he has been waiting

for his friend talking quietly

with my husband.


The postman came

and went, blue eagle

squinting with one eye

from the side of his truck.


Did school children walk by

without their slickers?


My husband talks and talks.

After his meeting I’ll have to ask

what does he know.


By then rain will be falling,

a daughter will be home

upstairs in her bedroom where

she can’t hear us





Fact & Fiction —

The statements in this poem are autobiographically accurate. As I began writing this poem, the individual was still there. Clouds were gathering for a downpour later this evening. My husband has seen the poem ; he says the poem is more mysterious than the situation may have been.


Sound & Sense —

In this poem, I aim for mystery through two main strategies. First, line breaks that function primarily for wariness (ex.,  “he has been waiting” and “watching from the side”). Second, imagery :  storm, shadowed shirt, vigilant eagle, children who might get caught in the rain, downpour. I run the title straight into the first line for the abrupt effect, like an unexpected sighting.



About ThereseLBroderick

Independent community poet living in Albany, New York USA.

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