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Tee Zeehan (me)

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I am a writer with an MFA degree. At age 54, I am retired from full-time employment.    I reside in Albany, New York, USA, with my husband (in our “empty nest”). Since 2000, I have been active in my local writing community as an open mic participant, workshop leader, volunteer for the Hudson Valley Writers Guild, and/or critique group member. My poems have appeared in assorted journals, webzines, anthologies, radio broadcasts, chapbooks, podcasts, and art galleries. For more details, see my blog page “My Poetry Credits.”

I am profiled also on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Goodreads.  To find out more about me, just Google or Bing my legal name, Therese L Broderick.

You may email me at : brdrck AT gmail DOT com


On January 10,2013, I  changed the focus of this blog: to chronicle my work-a-day life as a poet. This site is in constant flux: poems and other content pages are revised, removed temporarily, re-posted, revised again, etc.  Earlier generations of this blog were entitled “Metaphors for the Moon,” ”Stowaways,” “Fifty-Two,” “Small Returns,” “Ekphrasis,” and “Gwendolyn.”

I welcome your feedback, whether favorable or unfavorable; however, I may remove remarks that I deem to be irrelevant, racist, sexist, homophobic, ad hominem, and the like.


Photo (2010) by W. Kurth at Imagery by Wolfgang




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